• Audio Interfaces


      POD Studio GX

      Portable USB interface with 1/4" guitar input. POD Farm™ software included.


      POD Studio KB37

      MIDI control and USB interface for home-studio recording. 37 full-sized keys, comprehensive analog and digital I/O.


      POD Studio UX1

      Home recording USB interface with 1/4" guitar input and XLR input with mic preamp . POD Farm™ software included.


      POD Studio UX2

      Home-studio recording USB interface with two 1/4" guitar inputs and two XLR inputs with mic preamps. POD Farm™ software included.

  • Software


      Echo Farm

      TDM plug-in that delivers the stunning sounds of vintage echo effect units to your ProTools® system.


      Line 6 Monkey

      Intelligent updater that keeps your Line 6 gear up to date and lets you purchase add-ons.


      POD Farm 2.5

      Premium tone plug-ins that add world-renowned POD® tone to any DAW.


      Variax Workbench

      Virtual guitar workbench software for James Tyler Variax modeling guitars. Build classic axes or unique creations.