What is the Dream Rig?
The Dream Rig consists of a James Tyler Variax guitar, a Bogner-designed DT series amp, and a POD HD500 or POD HD Pro multi-effects processor.

Is it analog, or something else?
The system combines real tubes, real pickups and other traditional components with HD technology and modern smarts. And it really is something else.

What does it do?
The Dream Rig has built-in intelligence that enables all aspects of the rig to reconfigure at the touch of a button. In short, Dream Rig is every amp you’d ever dream of owning combined with a premier vintage guitar and effect collection—minus the hum.

Do I have to use all the parts for it to work?
Each component of the Dream Rig is a powerful creative tool on its own, but when combined the possibilities multiply. The Dream Rig offers far greater flexibility than you’ll find with purely analog or digital components.

What are some things the Dream Rig offers that no other setup can?

  • Instantly change all components of your rig (guitar, amp, effects) at the same time
  • Authentically switch between completely different amp designs using a combination of both analog components and HD technology
  • Provide consistent string tension even with extreme tunings
  • Use single-coil pickups without noise