DT25™ amplifiers connect to everything – from your POD® HD multi-effect processor to your MIDI switching system to your mixing board to your two-button footswitch.

L6 LINK™ for total connectivity.

The innovative L6 LINK™ jacks are your window to incredible flexibility and instant scalability with other Line 6 gear equipped with L6 LINK jacks. Connect a POD® HD multi-effect to a DT25™ amp and the two combine to form a boutique amp factory capable of creating any vintage or modern tone you need. Bring a second (or third, or fourth) DT25 to that party to create incredible stereo rigs, wet/dry setups and more. All it takes to make an L6 LINK connection is a single XLR cable, but what you get is exponentially greater.

Additionally, L6 LINK connections are free of the noise and hum issues you can run into when trying to achieve similar functionality with the four-cable method and other multi-cable configurations.

MIDI in and out/thru.

With its back-panel MIDI in and out/thru jacks, DT25 is primed and ready to receive all your MIDI switching commands – from simple to complex. Use any standard MIDI switching system to control channel, voicing, reverb on/off, pentode/triode mode and class A/AB selection.

Channel and reverb footswitch.

The footswitch jack on the back of the DT25 provides some simple and incredibly useful functions. Connect any standard latching, two-button footswitch with a TRS cable for channel switching and global reverb switching. Or, for channel switching only, use a single-button footswitch connected with a TS (aka "mono") cable.

Serial effects loop.

The Send and Return jacks that make up the DT25 serial effects loop tap the signal chain post-preamp so you can link up your own favorite effect devices, from vintage tape delays to modern multi-effects processors like Line 6 stompbox modelers.

Multiple speaker outputs.

A straightforward selection of speaker outputs provides a fool-proof connection to single or multiple speaker cabs without fear of an impedance mismatch. Whether it’s a single 4-ohm, 8-ohm or 16-ohm cab, or two 4-ohm or two 8-ohm cabs at a time, DT25 has clear back-panel connections that make it easy to achieve a safe match.

Cabinet-simulated direct out.

Go direct and get rich, juicy DT25 tone without mic’ing the speaker. Connect an XLR cable from the transformer-tapped direct out to a PA, mixer or recording interface and achieve every detail of your precious tone complete with full cab simulation. A handy ground-lift switch is included to eliminate any unwanted hum or buzz.