LowDown HD400 - 400-watt Bass Head LowDown 410 Cab - 4x10 Bass Cabinet  
LowDown LD 15 - 15-watt - 1x8 Bass Cabinet LowDown LD150 - 150-watt - 1x10 Bass Cabinet        

The thump of a vintage flip-top, the punch of a modern combo or the grit of a '70s head and behemoth cab: LowDown® bass amps make it easy to find your tone.

Alongside historic bass sounds, LowDown amps also deliver incredible modern conveniences. Take advantage of balanced XLR direct outputs, studio-quality on-board effects, foot-controller connectivity and more.

Have you discovered the deeper LowDown benefits? Play vintage combo tones at earth-shaking 21st-century volumes. Get a sought-after gritty rock tone without carrying a back-breaking 300-pound 8x10 cab. Enjoy tones modeled after tried-and-true gear combinations (and enjoy not spending a small fortune collecting all the gear—leave that to us).

Which LowDown bass amp is perfect for you?

"Being a vintage guy, I’ve never gotten excited about new amps for bass players, but the LowDown has completely changed
my mind. This thing sounds unbelievably fat. The octave and synth sounds are killer."
- Jonathan Ahrens (bassist for Liz Phair, Matt Redman, Josh Kelley)

"A really fast-tracking, flexible synth bass sound I can actually use in the real world - very cool."
- Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Ima Robot, bassist for Beck, Macy Gray)

"The ROCK tone in this thing is nailed! Unlike other combos, it makes me feel like I am playing through my kick ass
stage rig."
- Tim Payne (Thursday)

"Finally, something that really delivers the old school dirt with portability."
- Liam Wilson (The Dilinger Escape Plan)

“My band is in the middle of writing for our next album and the LowDown has given me the ability to create and manipulate awesome new bass tones. The volume this combo produces is shocking. It has opened up a whole new world of inspiration."
- Chris Amato (Hidden in Plain View)

"The SVT [‘Rock’ model based on* an SVT®] in this thing is amazing. If you're looking for a new amp, I recommend the one with multiple personality disorder. I am sure you will love meeting each one."
- Lance Morrison (bassist for Alanis Morissette, Don Henley, Volto)

"A combo bass amp with tone, versatility and attitude. What a revolutionary concept! Thanks Line 6."
- Ric Fierabracci (bassist for Chick Corea, Dave Weckl)

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