POD Studio GX - USB Audio Interface for Computer RecordingPOD Studio UX1 - USB Audio Interface for Computer RecordingPOD Studio UX2 - USB Audio Interface for Computer RecordingPOD Studio KB37 - USB Audio Interface for Computer Recording

POD Studio™ USB interfaces feature the pro differences that produce album-quality recordings. Exceptional dynamic range, POD Farm™ 2* plug-in for legendary POD® tones, and exclusive latency-killing ToneDirect™ monitoring—the POD Studio experience is second to none.

POD Studio interfaces boast these essential advantages:
  • POD Farm 2.5, the premium tone plug-in
  • The lowest noise for recording guitar (12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces)
  • Exclusive latency-killing ToneDirect monitoring
  • 24-bit/96 kHz compatibility for sonically superior tracks
  • Rock-solid drivers
  • And tons more

The amp and effect tones you need for killer guitar tracks. Vintage classics, modern monsters and more from the people who put amp modelling on the map. Extensive model counts, a simple yet powerful workflow, MIDI control, enhanced routing with flexible DSP, and world-renowned POD® tone for any DAW.

*POD Studio users who activated POD Farm on or after October 1, 2009 are entitled to a free upgrade to POD Farm 2.5.

POD Farm Software Plugin Interface