Model packs are hand-picked collections of amp and effect models that can be added to your POD Studio™ interface and used with POD Farm™ 2. Download them all for a comprehensive collection of studio-standard Line 6 tones.
  • Power Pack: The premiere suite for your POD Studio, Power Pack includes 20 fully adjustable amps, from the vintage vibe of 1960 Tiny Tweed to the modern mayhem of Line 6® Lunatic. Plus, it features 26 essential effects including juicy reverbs, delays and more. That’s 38 amp models plus 55 stompboxes and studio effects when combined with POD Farm!

  • Metal Shop: Expand your model set to include these 18 punishingly high-gain amp models from our super-powered HD147® amplifier. Crush your enemies and see them driven before you!

  • Collector Classics: A necessary collection of 18 boutique combos, sought-after vintage heads and rare pawn-shop treasures no guitarist should be without.

  • FX Junkie: 35 essential effect models including synths, filters, delays, choruses, compressors, distortions, and sample and hold.
    (Please note: POD Studio™ KB37 includes FX Junkie model pack.)

  • Bass Expansion: 28 booming bass amps and 22 bass cabs paired with the perfect mic selections for perfect tones!