What is POD Studio™ UX2?

POD Studio UX2 is a USB audio interface perfect for guitarists who are looking to update their home studios with real pro studio advantages. It works together with the included POD Farm™ 2* software to bring legendary POD® tone to any DAW. Unlike other POD products (like POD® xt, POD® X3, and Pocket POD®), POD Studio UX2 uses the processing power of your computer to deliver POD tone and sonic flexibility.

*POD Studio users who activated POD Farm on or after October 1, 2009 are entitled to a free upgrade to POD Farm 2.5.

How is POD Studio UX2 different from similar USB audio interfaces?

POD Studio UX2 is different from similar USB audio interfaces in many ways.

POD Studio UX2 includes POD Farm 2.5, the premium tone plug-in, which delivers pro tone to any DAW.

POD Studio UX2 boasts boasts over 12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces.

Exclusive latency-killing ToneDirect™ monitoring lets you record a dry signal while monitoring a fully processed POD tone.

What is POD Farm 2.5?

POD Farm 2.5 is the amp and effect modelling front-end that works with your POD Studio interface. It contains over 80 models necessary for a pro-sounding recording including 18 immortal guitar amps, 24 guitar cabs, 5 bass amps and 5 bass cabs, 29 essential stompbox and studio effects (64 in total with included FX Junkie model pack), and 6 crucial mic preamps—all painstakingly modelled after historic gear, and all delivering legendary POD tone to your guitar, bass and vocal tracks.

POD Studio UX2 includes FX Junkie model pack, which adds 35 more synths, filters, delays and more to POD Farm 2.5! Model packs are comprehensive collections of tones that instantly expand POD Farm 2.5's model set. 

Want to use POD Farm 2.5 with iLok? Purchase the iLok-compatible version of POD Farm or POD Farm Platinum.

Can I use my POD Studio UX2 hardware without POD Farm 2.5?

Yes, you can use your UX2 without POD Farm 2.5.

What is ToneDirect™ monitoring?

Using exclusive Line 6 ToneDirect monitoring is a tremendous advantage of recording with POD Studio. ToneDirect monitoring allows you to:

record and monitor a fully processed tone free of audible latency.

monitor a processed tone while recording a dry signal which means you're free to audition tones until you're ready to mix.

Historically, traditional interfaces have forced guitarists to choose between monitoring a processed tone with a significant amount of latency and monitoring a dry signal. Both choices are unacceptable and leave recording guitarists irritated and uninspired.

Can I connect other instruments or devices to POD Studio UX2?

Yes. POD Studio UX2 features a 1/4-inch instrument-level input for guitar and bass, two balanced XLR mic inputs with high-quality preamps and gain knobs, two 1/4-inch inputs for keyboards or other line-level gear, and many other ins and outs.

Are POD Studio and POD Farm 2.5 Intel® Mac® compatible?