• StageScape M20d, Sound on Sound, November 2012

    "I see the M20D as Line 6 making a statement of how capable and innovative they are at the professional end of the live sound market, and also as a development platform from which other products must inevitably emerge."

    Paul White, Sound On Sound

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  • StageSource L3t & L3s Mobile Beat, September 2012 "…the StageSource system is really much like a multi-tool when it comes to its versatility and the scope of the events for which the system is useful. I also really liked the sound that was produced from the three-way L3t’s. They filled the space with crisp sound on all frequencies, and when I needed more, there was more available" -- Jake Feldman, Mobile Beat, September 2012 Issue

  • POD HD, Guitar Player, January 2012 "…it sounds great whether you're listening through headphones, studio monitors, or running it through your favorite amp."

  • POD HD Pro, Digital Recording Arts, December 2011 "Regardless of the size of your recording setup, the Line 6 POD HD Pro adds unlimited tonal options to your palette."

  • POD HD500, Loop Insight, December 2011 "I’ve been playing for years and my old stompbox was a piece of plywood with the pedals fastened to it. I loved that thing. You could set a bomb off and it would come through unscathed. That’s what the HD500 is like for me."

  • DT50, Music Players, Nov. 2011 "Let’s just start out by saying the Line 6 DT50 head is loaded with features and options for shaping your tone, but the interface for changing these settings is completely straightforward. "

  • POD HD500, Harmony Central, Nov 2011 "Overall, Line 6 has stepped up to the plate with a next-gen modeler that retains what people liked about previous devices, adds more features, increases the level of detail, and maintains sanity in the pricing. In other words...they’ve done it again."

  • MIDI Mobilizer, ProAudioReview.com, Nov 2011 "I’ve been carrying and using the MIDI Mobilizer for several months now, and I absolutely love it. I’ve found it to be a device that fills a gap that I never knew existed; I didn’t realize the need for it before I began using it but now I can’t imagine being without it, and its usefulness will only grow as its supported application list increases."

  • M5, Premier Guitar, Nov. 2011 "For the gigging player, I can’t think of a better pedal for ease of use and effective processing."

  • M5, Guitar-Muse, October 2011 "As a single stompbox that’s capable of as much as it is without sacrificing the convenience to learn, it has versatility on its side."

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