• Line 6 Recording Interfaces, Recording - June 2006 "What we have here may very well be the ideal recording package for the guitarists and bassists out there who are looking to be home recordists as well." - Bill Stunt

  • Joe Walsh: The Legend "Variax 300 is responsible for all the cool sounds in my new song."- Joe Walsh, Guitar Player, June 2006

  • In the Rear, Gear & Video Games, Revolver - May 2006 "The Line 6 ToneCore series of stompboxes is ideal for guitarists of all ages and playing levels who want unique Line 6 tones, advanced sound, and control." - Jeff Kitts

  • Line 6 Variax Workbench, Virtual Instruments - April/May 2006 "The unprecedented flexibility, great tone, and good feel makes this a guitar players' dream at a bargain price. Highly recommended!" - Craig Sharmat

  • On Test, Computer Recording System, Sound On Sound - April 2006 "The UX-series TonePorts are remarkable bundles comprising good-sounding USB audio hardware and a very well thought-out suite of modeling software for guitar, bass, vocals, and general instrument...

  • The Port Authority; GearBox, Guitar World - April 2006 "What sets TonePort/GearBox package apart from other guitar simulators is its elusive tone-and-touch vibe. It doesn't just sound right- it feels right, too. More to the point it feels guitar right." -...

  • In the Rear, Gear & Video Games, Revolver - March 2006 "Imagine taking an entire rack full of premium tube recording equipment and shrinking it down into one compact unit that can be controlled by almost any consumer-grade computer. A good idea, to be...

  • Test Tones, Future Music - March 2006 "Now Line 6 combines hardware and software in the TonePort series- new products that are sure to make guitarists and anyone else with an instrument, voice, and a computer celebrate." - Michael Ross

  • SubShop, Bass Guitar - March 2006 "Two of the company's latest offerings, the Bass PODxt Pro and the Variax 705, showcase the company's best bass side." - Ed Friedland

  • New Stuff, Bass Player - March 2006 "Line 6 makes high art out of affordable and flexible bass concepts in the form of the LowDown line."

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