• POD HD, Premier Guitar, October 2011 "For a lot of studio musicians who like to work fast and on a budget, it could easily become an indispensible recording tool…"

  • POD HD, Music Connection , Sep 2011 "The POD HD is a desktop multi-effect that takes the POD concept to the moon and beyond…"

  • JTV, Premier Guitar, Sept. 2011 "The amount of just plain fun that I had with the JTV-59 was undeniable. And there’s so many great sounds available for adding that little something extra to your tunes, that it could become an indispensable tool in pro and project studios alike. If you’re a guitarist whose sense of adventure remains intact, the JTV-59 could pay sonic dividends on your investment for a lifetime."

  • M5 Stompbox Modeler, The Tone King, Sep 2011 "The Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler gives players choices. Choices that old-school stompboxes simply can’t.

  • M5 Stompbox Modeler - Delicious-Audio.com - Sep 2011 "If you are constantly ripping apart your pedalboard to rearrange it, the Line 6 M5 could provide you with some interesting options."

  • POD HD 300, GuitarNoize.com, Aug 2011 "The effects are all top notch and the amp models were responsive, very tweakable and sounded like real amps..."

  • POD HD, Performer, Aug 2011 "With the choices of boutique amps and unique effects, it’ll be tough to find something as flexible and easy to work with, that sounds as good as the real thing!"

  • POD HD, Rowbinet, July 2011 "Sounds: I could write pages on this topic, but I’ll try to keep it brief for this article… It’s exceptional!"

  • XDV-70, eMusician.com, Jun/July 2011 The XD-V70 works reliably, sounds great, has excellent build quality, and made it so I no longer look at wireless mics with doubt and suspicion.

  • JTV 69 -US Guitar Player (Editor's Pick Award) July 2011 "The JTV-69US is a scrapbook of all the quintessential classic guitar sounds"

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