• Spider IV 75, Guitar Player Magazine, December 2009 For Modeling fans, the Spider IV 75 provides a wealth of dynamic, realistic tones and effects in a compact, easy-to-use, and affordable package.
    Michael Ross, Guitar Player Magazine

  • Relay G30, Guitar & Bass, December 2009 "The G30's sound is very clean with no noise or interference and we detected no treble loss."
    Guitar & Bass

  • M13 Stompbox Modeler, Premier Guitar, November 2009 "I can also trigger any of the Line 6 M13's expansive modeling effects by assigning a midi channel in the Ground Control. All of the M13’s effects can be had while only using one loop in the...

  • Spider IV 75, GuitarEdge.com, November 2009 "...the song presets alone are a ton of fun and would probably be enough for many players without any ability to program. For the pro player, the Spider IV 75 is a darn good little unit with a zillion...

  • HD147, GuitarPlayer.com, October 2009 Being that this is a metal amp roundup, however, I put my metal face on by calling up the Treadplate model, which is based on a Boogie Dual Rectifier. This is a great tribute to that great amp, and...

  • Relay G30, Guitar Buyer, October 2009 "the relay G30 performed brilliantly and without fuss in use and maintained a high level of tonal integrity."
    Guitar Buyer

  • Relay G30, Guitarist, October 2009 "among the best we have come across so far. Simple to use, and far more importantly, hardly the tone-killer that wirelesses are presumed to be"
    Simon Bradley, Guitarist

  • Spider IV 75, MusicRadar.com, October 2009 Great Tones. Authentic Feel. Light weight. Priced Right.
    Simon Bradley, MusicRadar.com

  • Relay G30, MusicTech, October 2009 "The Relay G30 is a great addition to any gigging guitarist's rig. The wireless system is incredibly easy to use even for the most technophobic of guitarists"
    Mike Hillier, MusicTech

  • Spider IV, gear-vault.com, October 2009 Bottom Line — this is a killer amp. There are just too many things to like about the Spider IV. It’s got great tone, a ton of options and the ability to be loud enough to make your chest pound. What...

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