The StageSource Series Story

Mixers have remained essentially the same for decades. What began as a rack-mounted mic pre was eventually oriented vertically into a channel strip and became the basis of every mixer since the '60s. Even in the last decade as mixers went “digital,” the format and approach stayed the same: rows and rows of channel strips often resulting in redundant hardware, and a need for a lot of technical understanding to get a great result.

As musicians, when we mix live sound, we generally do the minimum — meaning we just bring up a level and maybe add some EQ. Some players study engineering, learn the lingo and become experts in that skill. For the rest of us, there’s a lot of unknown territory involved in getting a good sound live.

We musicians spend so much time writing and recording, yet sadly leave much to chance during performance. The truth is that it's critical to sound great live if you want to be taken seriously. It's a challenge just to get things to work, not to mention dealing with all of the complexities in getting a good sound. Making music is a right-brain activity, yet we are constantly getting pulled into left-brain tasks like problem solving, analyzing and decoding:

“What’s wrong with that sound? Which frequency do I boost or cut to make it right?”
“I wish I could get my acoustic guitar to sound better in this room…”
“I wish I could get the vocal to sound more like the recording…”

The StageScape M20d mixer and StageSource loudspeakers offer a different approach. StageScape M20d was designed to bypass the complication of getting good live sound. Instead of keeping track of channel strips, StageScape puts the landscape of the stage in front of you using a graphical representation of, that’s right… a stage. The M20d lets you think in musical terms like “light” and “dark” to dial in sounds. And instead of bringing along racks of outboard gear and making it all work together, everything is integrated within StageScape — even recording to a USB drive or a computer.

Musicians often buy a PA speaker only to find out that it can only do one thing well: amplify the output of a mixer. But as you start adding other musicians to the band or you move from electric to acoustic sets, you find out you need more gear, or you end up compromising your sound. Line 6 StageSource L3t is designed to be a lifesaver for the performing musician by providing an integrated professional live sound solution for a variety of common scenarios.

And, if you use a StageScape mixer with StageSource loudspeakers, it gets even better. Using proprietary digital networking called L6 LINK™, the mixer and loudspeakers integrate into a smart system. The M20d will recognize which loudspeakers are being used as monitors and send them monitor feeds. Loudspeakers will automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimization.

Both StageScape and StageSource products were designed to be a smarter, faster way to get great live sound and stay in the creative zone. Whether you play small acoustic shows or have a full band, playing live will never be the same.