DT50 features plenty of ins, outs, and an exclusive way for you to get more from its celebrated tones.

L6 LINK™ connectivity.

DT50 amplifiers and POD® HD multi-effect pedals don’t just connect, they integrate via L6 LINK technology. Here are a few advantages of connecting via L6 LINK:

  • Selecting a POD HD preset automatically optimizes DT50 analog components.
  • DT50 takes full advantage of the POD HD amp models and M-class effects.
  • Changing tone settings on one updates the other.
  • Edit POD HD tones simply by turning DT50 knobs.
  • Easily create stereo or wet/dry settings. Daisy-chain amps with standard XLR cables and POD HD will do the rest.
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Serial effect loop.

Effect pedals love DT50. Connect them via the serial effect loop and dial in the perfect amount with the adjustable return level.


Integrate DT50 into your MIDI rig and control amp parameters from channel switching on up, or pass MIDI through the amp from your POD HD.

XLR direct out.

Mic’ing your amp requires time, lots of gear, and a place for you to turn it up. These days, most of those things are hard to come by. DT50 features a transformer-tapped direct output with cabinet simulation, which is ideal for fast, great sounding tones for studio recording or live performance.

Foot control.

DT50 offers a variety of ways you can add foot control including simple channel switching via a common footswitch (1/4” jack), MIDI control including Line 6 M9 and M13 Stompbox Modelers (MIDI in and out/thru), and L6 LINK for total seamless integration (L6 LINK jack). (Foot switch not included.)

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