When the time comes to add some color to your sound, Floor POD® Plus has all the tools you need.  Add some depth to your clean sound with a mellow chorus, make that solo scream with some delay, and add some vibe with a choppy tremolo.  There are 24 effect models in all including:

-  16 modulation effects-like chorus, tremolo, and flange
-  6 delay effects- including crystal clear digital, warm tape echo, and sweep   echo for a new set of creative possibilities
-  Spring and hall reverbs
and more…

With the effects in Floor POD Plus, you can create that multi-dimensional sound you’ve always dreamed of.

Effects Models based on*:

Room Reverb
Spring Reverb
Tape Delay
Roland Space Echo
Digital Delay
Reverse Delay
Sweep Echo
Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man
Chorus 1
Roland® CE-1
PaiA Roctave Divider
Tycobrahe Octavia®
Mu-Tron III
Oberheim® Voltage Controlled Filter
Comet Trails
MXR® Phase 90
Ring Modulator

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