Add legendary Line 6 tones to the virtual POD® and Bass POD® in Propellerhead Record!

Connect any of the following Line 6 products to your computer to access their collections of guitar amps, bass amps and cab models. The models will instantly appear in your software!

POD Studio™
Each POD Studio USB audio interface adds an incredible variety of amp and cab models to Record. They also provide guitarists with the best input specs and lowest latency! Get info!

GuitarPort® xt
As simple as you can get, GuitarPort xt is a no-nonsense front-end for your recording applications. Connecting it to your computer adds plenty of great models to Record. Get info!

All TonePort audio interfaces add models to Record, but the sturdy and stylish TonePort UX8 adds the most! This 8 I/O interface is the crown-jewel of countless studios worldwide. Get info!

POD® xt
PODxt, PODxt Live and PODxt Pro changed the rules of flexibility and tone. And they'll change the way you record guitar by adding their entire guitar amp, bass amp and cab model sets to Record. Get info!

Offering groundbreaking Dual Tone processing, stunning model sets and more, POD X3, POD X3 Live and POD X3 Pro will add a comprehensive collection of guitar amp, bass amp and cab models to Record. Get info!

Using an iLok USB Smart Key with iLok-compatible POD Farm™ and POD Farm™ Platinum plug-ins? Add their industry-standard POD?? amp and cab tones to Record! Get POD Farm info!