Connect your MIDI gear to your iOS device – on stage, at home and in the studio.

Fully loaded.

MIDI Mobilizer II comes with all the hardware and cables you need to connect to any MIDI instrument with a 5-pin in and/or 5-pin out. It's easy to set up and its LEDs light up when MIDI messages are being passed through.

High quality, low profile.

MIDI Mobilizer II is constructed of high-quality polycarbonate. It’s ready for studio sessions, fly dates and regular home use. The low-profile design makes it super-portable, which is good for you, and super-light, which is good for your Apple® iOS device’s 30-pin connector. Sketching out new songs, capturing inspiration, sharing musical ideas and making music just for the fun of it has never been this easy.
Your controller, your way.

Control GarageBand® for iPad® with vintage MIDI gear. Control the coolest analog synth apps with cutting-edge MIDI keyboards. MIDI Mobilizer II is the perfect partner for all your classic and modern MIDI gear. It gives you total flexibility to use the gear you have with the most exciting CoreMIDI apps.       

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Do you know about the Line 6 app, MIDI Memo Recorder? Take a look!

Store and restore.

Lots of MIDI gear can save and restore patches and parameters over MIDI – including many Line 6 products – with MIDI Mobilizer II and Line 6 MIDI Memo Recorder app. Transfer your settings into a friend's POD® xt device, import your settings into rental gear or just keep a safety backup. It has never been easier.

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