Twelve Foot Ninja's Stevic MacKay Takes the Line 6 Full-Range Guitar Rig Into Overdrive

Twelve Foot Ninja defies genre conventions by combining metal, dubstep and funk with an elaborate stage presence and wild performance antics. Their complex and multi-layered progressive metal sound is challenging to achieve even in a controlled studio setting—let alone on stage. That’s why lead guitarist Stevic MacKay uses the Line 6 full-range (FRFR) guitar rig to perform a broad range of guitar, amp and effects tones with total ease and confidence.

For example, the track “Shuriken”—off the band’s latest record Silent Machine—involves three alternate tunings, four guitar models and four amp/FX chains. To play “Shuriken” live using conventional methods would be practically impossible. But thanks to the JTV-89 guitar, POD HD500X multi-effects pedal, and StageSource L2 PA speakers, Stevic can perform all those dynamic sounds using a full-range, flat-response (FRFR) system that delivers consistent tone at any volume.

Watch the video below to see Stevic demonstrate his Line 6 full-range guitar rig. Plus, download the very same POD HD500X patches and Workbench HD presets he used on “Shuriken.”

Check out the StageSource L2, JTV-89 guitars, and POD HD500X.