Line 6 Goes Acoustic

Imagine getting the great mic'd up acoustic sound you've always wanted without expensive microphones, EQs, compressors, preamps, and other technical whoo-ha. Imagine being able to plug directly into a PA and get the same unplugged tone you've always wanted at arena volume with no feedback. Imagine recording acoustic guitar in the studio without having to worry about ambient noise, exhaustive setup, and operating room sterility. Well, now you can give your imagination a rest.

Last week, Line 6 unveiled Variax Acoustic 700, the latest in the Variax line of guitars specifically designed for the guitarist looking to achieve the best acoustic sound for all live or recording applications. Up until now, it has been impossible to tackle all of the issues that the acoustic guitarist faces in the studio and in live situations. Variax Acoustic 700 solves them all in a beautifully crafted thinline guitar with a chambered mahogany body and glossy cedar top. Variax Acoustic 700 gives you access to 16 models of the world's greatest acoustic guitars, including exotic instruments like Mandocello, Sitar, and Shamisen, all with the twist of a knob. If that wasn't enough, Variax Acoustic 700 has alternate tunings on the fly and a virtual capo that can take your playing far below the nut. It will ship standard with a custom-fitted gig bag, XPS power supply, and TRS stereo cable.

Variax Acoustic 700 was recently previewed to dealers and press and evoked such quotes as, "Line 6 does it again," and "When can I get one?" and "This is unbelievable!"

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