From the Eyes of Artist Relations

By Michelle Silberman

Santa Barbara Bowl, June 11th, 2005

--Featuring: Jimmy Eat World, Hot Hot Heat, Pinback--

Santa Barbara Bowl had a round-up of bands performing this past Saturday. The line-up included Tegan & Sara, Mad Caddies, Rise Against, Pepper, Pinback, Hot Hot Heat, and Jimmy Eat World. Some other Line 6 friends were there, like Seymour Duncan employees and the band, Sugarcult. It was a beautiful, sunny, yet breezy day. Which worked out just perfectly…

Going to shows is always very exciting. Your nerves are sometimes in a bunch just before you pull up to the parking lot. For me, I do my best to remain calm. That is my job, after all. Yet you just never know how easy it’s going to be to find a close spot (when you’ve got to transport gear), you never know how nice the security is going to be, and you never know how easy it is to get a hold of who you’re meeting up with (or if anyone’s phone will have service in this venue you haven’t been to before.) Luckily, this time as Jimmy Eat World’s guests everything was smooth as chocolate pudding. And just as tasty.

As soon as we walked up to the gate their guitar tech, Doug, was there to greet us, alongside Tom Linton – guitarist and Rick Burch – bassist. No matter the circumstances these guys will push through their set and rock it.

A new Line 6 band, Pinback, was there rocking out for the crowd a bit earlier in the day. On stage they had a DL4 and a Vetta II combo. Rob from Pinback mentioned they have a ton more Line 6 gear that they love and use in the studio, and are going to work on including it into their live set for their next tour.

Hot Hot Heat got the Amphitheatre dancing with their radio hits. Sharing the stage with the band was a Flextone III combo amp.

Jimmy Eat World’s set concluded the event, and as per usual, they were perfection. Jim Adkins took it upon himself to throw one of the new Tone Core’s into his set having spent virtually no time warming up to it. He went with Uber Metal, and adding a pedal to a show on such short notice is pretty f*&^ing metal – so that was a great fit for him. Until next time …