Significant Leaps in POD® X3 Functionality with GearBox™ 3.6

POD X3 and POD X3 Live users can now join the legions of POD owners who create, edit and store their tones on their computers, share tones on, and enjoy other great POD benefits!

With GearBox 3.6, create, edit and store your tones using the intuitive, easy-to-use interface. GearBox 3.6 displays your entire signal path with great graphics making it easy to add effects, change models and tweak your tone in an instant. And, since you’re already plugged into your computer using a lightening-fast USB 2.0 connection, take advantage of GuitarPort® Online and!

Browse, download and share tones at, the free public tone exchange. Tons of players log into every day to share their own creations, download tones based on their favorite songs and explore the most popular downloads. The Custom Tone library features thousands of free tones!

GearBox 3.6 also lets you take your playing to the next level with GuitarPort Online, which offers hundreds of accurate tabs, tracks, lessons and instructional videos. GearBox 3.6 now lets you use POD X3 or POD X3 Live as your interface to learn the best guitar songs, riffs and tricks available.

For guitarists who own a POD X3 Live and a Variax Electric or Acoustic 700 guitar, this GearBox update also allows them to use the free download Variax Workbench to customize the settings of their Variax. Using the POD X3 Live as the interface, they can build their own custom guitars by specifying body, pickup, tunings and more, and downloading them to their Variax.

Experienced Line 6 users are already aware of the awesome power of Line 6 Monkey™, and were probably made aware of the GearBox update mere nanoseconds after its release. Line 6 Monkey makes sure you know when the new firmware and software updates are available for all your Line 6 gear. (Don’t worry, Line 6 Monkey is included as part of the GearBox 3.6 installation so you’ll be able to run it and check for software updates in the future.)

Click here to get GearBox 3.6 and get the most from POD X3 and POD X3 Live!