Ministry and Meshuggah: Two Power Bands with Line 6 Amps On Tour Across America

Well into "C-U-LaTour", the latest of Ministry's farewell tours, a variety of Line 6 amps are helping Ministry and special guest, Meshuggah, deafen crowds across the country. These two incredibly intense and powerful bands are using Line 6 amps in two very different ways.

Sin Quirin, guitarist for Ministry (as well as Ministry side-project, the Revolting Cocks) is rocking a Spider Valve™ full-stack. On top of a matched pair of 4x12 cabs, including a 412VS-T slant cab and a 412VS-B straight cab, is HD100, the latest 100-watt, all-tube Line 6 head.

The Swedish metal marauders in Meshuggah have defined their band’s brutal sound with the help of Line 6 Vetta™ II. Guitarists Fredrik Thordendal and Marten Hagstrom, and even their bassist, each play through multiple Vetta IIs, all plugged directly into the PA—no cabs! Live and in the studio, Meshuggah is known for its blisteringly heavy guitar and bass sounds.

Catch C-U-LaTour in a city near you and experience fierce Line 6 tones from these amazing bands.