Line 6 Goes Down to the Crossroads

J.J. Cale, Line 6's Michele Wernick, Christine Lakeland
June 5-7, 2004—Dallas, TX—Fair Park played host to thousands and thousands of guitarists who came to check out the latest gear and their favorite guitar heroes at the Crossroads Guitar Festival. The event, to benefit Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Treatment Center in Antigua, featured performances and clinics for three full days, drawing in beginners and pros alike. Line 6 was there to demo the newly released Variax Acoustic 700, which was never on it’s stand for more than 2 minutes, as well as Variax 700, Vetta II, HD147, and Line 6 Edit. The traffic at the Line 6 booth was nonstop. At one point during the show, a very nice female guitarist stopped by the booth to ask questions about the Variax Acoustic, having just purchased one herself. She introduced herself as Christine and told us she was performing on the side stage at 7:30pm if we wanted to see the Variax Acoustic in action. We were happy to oblige, and were pleasantly surprised to see who she was playing with.

Christine Lakeland on stage with Eric Clapton
We all watched as she strapped on the Variax Acoustic and plugged it in. As the rest of the band walked on stage we realized she was playing with none other than rock/blues legend J.J. Cale and his friend Eric Clapton! Christine Lakeland rocked out back to back with Clapton, playing one of the best sets of the day. She is using the Variax Acoustic 700 exclusively on tour with J.J. Cale, making use of all of the features including altered tunings and the virtual capo. "The tunings I use the most are High G and the virtual capo," Christine raved, "When I use the capo feature I tend to get a lot of comments from people who notice and think it sounds wonderful! I am really having fun experimenting with all the different tunings and every night finding something new to use."

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Sunday, June 7, 2004 was a date that will forever go down in history as the largest assembly of guitar legends. Over 100,000 fans made their way to the Cotton Bowl to see the concert of the century, featuring Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Vaughan, ZZ Top, James Taylor, Robert Lockwood Jr., and Steve Vai, to name a few. The event lasted from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. It was all for a worthy cause, the best kind. Line 6 was proud to be part of such a historic event.