POD X3 Live: I'm a Believer!

Paul Pesco has played guitar on every song you’ve ever heard.

Almost. In the last two decades, Paul has performed on an incredibly high number of albums and stages. His ridiculous schedule and professional reputation demand nothing less than 100% satisfaction in tone, versatility and reliability from his gear. That’s why Paul chose POD® X3 Live.

"I'm always interested in your new stuff."

A longtime Line 6 fan, Paul spent many years using POD® xt Live. Eventually feeling its limitations, Paul reached out to Line 6 for something with added total sonic flexibility, effortless usability and steadfast reliability that would survive his super-human schedule of writing, recording and performing. POD X3 Live was the obvious choice. Paul was immediately attracted to its supreme tone control and groundbreaking Dual Tone capability.

Paul is in love with Dual Tone. “Angus and Malcolm,” a Dual Tone preset of his own creation, channels the classic crunch of the brothers Young. After setting each tone, Paul added 20 milliseconds of delay to one side simulating not just the sound of two guitar rigs but also the sound of two guitarists.

“You make my job a lot easier.”

Digging even deeper into POD X3 Live, Paul found more jaw-dropping features including the thunderous bass models and the brilliant sounds he’s discovered for acoustic guitar.

Under a tight schedule, Paul needed to record guitar tracks for High School Musical. He opted to use the XLR outs on the back of his POD X3 Live to record stunning, hassle-free POD tone directly into his DAW. The award-winning soundtrack was the best-selling album of 2006.

"I love the ease of portability. I love the handles!"

Always on the go, Paul needs gear he can rely on. The rugged chassis and all-metal construction of POD X3 Live keep Paul's tones safe and secure. The bright backlit LCD helps him navigate his patches in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans every night. And small enough to fit into an overhead compartment, POD X3 Live keeps Paul on the go, all over the world.

Download "Angus and Malcolm," Paul’s own scorching Dual Tone preset, and add it to your POD X3 Live!