The Vandals

With a new album out today (June 29th), and tour beginning, the punk rock legends: The Vandals have once again taken Hollywood and the rest of the world over. A dozen albums under their belt; this band has not lost touch with themselves. No side project, second, third or fourth job will stop them from writing some of the most insane music you’ll ever hear; or put an end to them from destroying a stage near you. Multi-talented and incomparable they continue to stomp new grounds.

This latest album is called "Hollywood Potato Chip" and if your musical ear is trained you just may notice Warren Fitzgerald shredding a Variax 500 and PODxt. As a side note he even threw this our way, "I didn't realize that I could play the banjo and sitar till I got my Variax, Thanks for helping me be a multi- instrumentalist over night. It kicks ass!" and he also mentioned, "I haven’t written or recorded guitars without a Pod for the last few years." Thanks for rocking Line 6, Warren!

The Vandals will be on tour all summer long with the Vans Warped Tour. Be sure to check them out along with all the other great Line 6 bands on the massive line up.