Pocket POD® Pack: The Ultimate Pocket POD Experience

Jam-packed with essential extras, Pocket POD® Pack provides the ultimate Pocket POD® experience. It includes all the essential add-ons you need to get the most from Pocket POD anytime, anywhere!

The cornerstone of Pocket POD Pack is Pocket POD, the #1 portable multi-effect unit on the market. Compact and battery-powered, Pocket POD packs a punch with more than 300 presets, over 100 of which were professionally dialed in by such artists as Maroon 5, P.O.D., 311, Hoobastank and others. Pocket POD also boast 32 immortal and fully adjustable amp tones, 16 cabinet models and 16 brilliant effects.

Pocket POD Pack is the complete package. It includes Pocket POD, a 1/4-inch guitar cable, a 1/8-inch auxiliary cable, earbuds, a DC-2 power adapter, a USB cable, and a CD-ROM that’s loaded with jam tracks and tone-editing software.

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