The New Spider II 15 and Spider II 30:
If They Were Any More Vicious, They’d Have to be Neutered!

If you were amazed at the power that we were able to squeeze into the Spider II Series amplifiers, wait until you hear their snarling little brothers. The new Spider II 15 and Spider II 30 (available in late August) are affordable enough for just about anyone and are crammed with features that'll keep any gear junkie busy.

The Spider II 15 is a killer 15-Watt combo with a custom designed 8” speaker. 4 massive amp models, including Line 6 INSANE, are right at your fingertips so you can easily dial-in and save the sounds of your favorite bands. The Spider II 15 also features built-in effects including Phaser, Chorus/ Flanger, Tremolo, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo, Distortion Boost, Noise Gate, Tap Tempo, Headphone Jack, and more. Got MP3s? Plug a cable from your computer to the MP3 jack and jam with your idols!

The Spider II 30 has all the same cool features of the 15, with a few extras. The Spider II 30 has a burly 30-Watt power section driving a 12” Custom Celestion speaker! You can also add a foot controller (FBV2 and FBV4) for easy patch switching.

Ready for more?
Check out the new Spider II's now!

Get down to your nearest music store in late August and take one for a spin. You won’t believe the power, range, and flexibility at such a low price.