Model Packs Get the Artist Test-Drive!

Line 6 was ecstatic to have Lacuna Coil and Thursday put our new PODxt Model Packs through their paces. Nestled in the back of their tour bus during the Warped tour, we found Thursday eager to see and hear all the bells and whistles now available for the PODxt and PODxt Pro. Steve and Tom, using their PODxt-based tour bus studio, created some extremely cool custom tones. They even based one on their tune, "War All the Time."

Lacuna Coil, the six-piece Milan, Italy-based band got a sneak peak of the Model Packs way before their release. Hiding in our ultra-secret Artist Lounge, they tweaked tones and spun knobs for hours. After giving us the universal thumbs up, the band raced off to practice for their upcoming slot on the huge Ozzfest tour. Line 6 was more than happy to catch up with these great bands and have them give us their signature tones.

Click here for more info on the Model Packs for your PODxt and PODxt Pro.