Dashboard Confessional

Starting off with an acoustic guitar, a van, and some loyal fans Dashboard Confessional drove the hopelessly romantic wild with it’s music. A literal sing a long in every city they hit… very much like a public therapy session for the heartbroken. Screaming their lungs out for lost loves, holding on to the hope that love truly exists. No matter your age, you can relate. Fore we’ve all been there once before…

Yet this band has sped past the small venues within a few short years, recently headlining a tour sponsored by Honda & securing a spot on the Spiderman II soundtrack with the song “Vindicated.” While studying the discography of this band you can hear the transitions that time naturally produces. Steadily progressing into a category all their own.

Being men of many talents and instruments can often be challenging, especially while traveling. But that only means that creativity is flowing and hopefully we can expect to hear some newly inspired songs from the one & only, Dashboard Confessional.

During the Honda tour we were able to catch up with DC’s Bassist Scott Schoenbeck and Production Manager/Monitor Engineer Brian Bavido. Here is what they had to say about Line 6:

Line 6: Where did you first hear about Line 6?
Scott Schoenbeck: I saw the first pods at guitar center.
Brian Bavido: I first heard about line 6 from a friend @ Sam Ash in NYC. He told me there was this thing called an “Amp Farm”. Being a hard headed old school tube amp freak I covered my ears and ran. A few months later at the AES show in New York he dragged me over to the booth to listen. I was blown away. Finally – an amp simulator that actually sounded like an amp!

L6: What Line 6 gear are you using and how are you using it?
SS: I am currently using the Line 6 Bass Pod Pro and the other fellas in the band have been using the guitar pods as well.
BB: We’re using 2 XT pros and a bass pro for recording on the road to a pro tools rig I built for the band. It’s all used for direct recording.

L6: How have our products changed the way you work?
SS: We've been using the pods on the road for our mobile recording setup.
BB: Absolutely have changed the way I work as an engineer. I reach for them more and more when working on projects in the studio or on the road. I personally try to get all bands I work with to use something from Line 6. They just make sense for bands to use while on the road or in the studio from financial and tonal stand points.

L6: What is your favorite Line 6 amp model, effect...?
SS: I'm down with the Flip Top model for a good all basses sound and have been enjoying the crispness and warmth of the Fuzz1-PI effect
BB: Favorite... Hmmm.... Probably the combo amps. Vox AC30, etc. It’s hard to nail down just one... Tons of the pedal sounds are great as well. Truly a tough call.