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Actual continuous (rms) power of L3m and L3s
by rwagas80 on 2013-03-19 16:01:39.8510


I am new to this forum. I am planning of purchasing 4 L3M and 4 L3S. Target crowd from 200-2000 (full band set up). Just wondering if this set up is capable of delivering to the targeted size (indoor and outdoor) since the L3m peak power is rated at 1,400 watts and the sub peak power is rated at 1,200 watts. If am right, does it mean that the "actual continuous power" of the tops is only 350 watts and the sub is only 300 watts based on the given peak power outputs of the respective elements?


Re: Actual continuous (rms) power of L3m and L3s
by dboomer on 2013-03-20 12:49:18.4530

Really the only power rating that is relavent when talking about powered speakers is the MaxSPL number.  It really doesnt matter much whether it took a lot of Watts or a only a few ... the MaxSPL number is what the actual performance of the speaker can be.  You have to watch how this number is reported.  Sometimes it is "calculated" in which case it may appear 10-15 dB higher than if it were actually "measured".  The Line 6 spec is the more conservative "measured" method.

That said, the total continuous average power of the systems is a bit over 700 for the L3t/m's and 600 for the subs.  The continuous rating for power amps doesn't relate well to the sound quality properties of speaker systems and that's why you are seeing a large change across the boards from using them anymore.  The other thing it doesn't answer is how much power with the internal DSP processing allow to reach the speakers which in some brands can be as little as 50%. So even though tere may be 1000W of amplifier power available from the amps, the processing may only allow half of that power to actually arrive at the speaker. In the Line 6 speakers it is probably closer to 90%

Re: Actual continuous (rms) power of L3m and L3s
by rwagas80 on 2013-03-20 14:49:01.9450

Thanks for the reply. At least I know now the actual continuous power per element since it is absent in your product specifications. With regards to max spl performance of the driver in relation to the amps power is already part of my stock knowledge. My only concern would be the continuous power so that as a potential buyer I can compare your products with other brands in terms of power, max spl, dsp, audio quality, durability, V/H coverage, and of course price range.

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