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UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by P0lyg0nW1nd0w on 2012-01-06 02:50:18.7220

Hi, I have a similar problem to the one's posted in this thread: and wondered if anyone can help me? When using my UX2 as my default sound device in Windows, from time-to-time the sound suddenly stops working. The lights remain on and aren't flashing and it is still listed as being used in the playback and recording devices. This problem happens more often while I am playing a game such as Skyrim on the Steam platform. I can barely get 5-10 minutes into the game before the sound suddenly cuts out and I have to exit the game.

The sound will stop working system-wide and any programs/applications that use sound will also stop working and hang if I try to use them (including the system sound that plays when the computer tries to shut down). The only way to fix this is by restarting the computer. This problem can also happen when I'm not gaming and can happen at almost any time without warning.

I've checked my event viewer logs to see if any errors have been reported and there aren't any listed to do with audio. The UX2 is connected to the USB port on the back of my PC rather than to a hub and I have the latest drivers. I have tested to see if this problem occurs without the UX2 by uninstalling it and disconnecting it from my PC and just using the on-board sound of my motherboard.

I downloaded and installed the latest Realtek high definition drivers and tried playing Skyrim and other games and the sound works perfectly and doesn't turn off at all. This leads me to believe it must be a fault with the UX2 itself. I see from the other thread I mentioned before that other people have had a very similar problem but no solution had been posted there.

I've had my UX2 for about 4 years now so maybe it's showing it's age but I don't understand why the problem seems to be so random. Please can someone from Line 6 investigate this and reply to this post as I'm seriously considering buying another brand of sound card. I want to be able to use my sound card for both recording and listening to music as well as day-to-day tasks and gaming. My UX2 used to work fine up until around a year ago and I've had this problem for the past 12 months with seemingly no way of fixing it.

Thanks for any help.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by venom166 on 2012-01-07 12:39:14.7110

Hi, I have this same problem (UX1, windows 7). I struggled with it for couple months and it appears that it is necessery to use usb cable with filter

Try if it will work for You. If You have another Line 6 device with usb cable with filter, take and try it.

Let me know.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by P0lyg0nW1nd0w on 2012-01-07 13:54:33.5520

Thanks for the advice Venom. The cable you linked to looks like it's a USB to mini-USB normally used for cameras and mobile phones. The cable that connects to the UX2 is a A to B USB cable and all the one's I've seen that have a filter (aka ferrite) are the USB to mini USB as shown in your picture. I have seen that you can buy clip-on ferrite rings so maybe I could try those.

I did borrow a friend's Toneport KB37 (which is the same as my UX2 except it has a built-in midi keyboard) and I tried using that with my computer, just to check if it was my UX2 at fault or a more general problem on my computer. The KB37 worked fine and the sound didn't stop at all. I even used the same USB cable I use with my UX2. I then uninstalled the KB37 and tried again with my UX2 and within 5 minutes of playing Skyrim the sound went off again.

Just to make clear, I don't think the fault is with the game Skyrim or the Steam program that launches the game. I just use this as a way of being able to replicate the problem. The KB37 worked fine with the game but the UX2 doesn't and that's with the same USB cable. So that might suggest that the problem isn't with interference in the USB cable and it requiring a filter because if it was then the same thing would've happened on the KB37.

I will get some of the ferrite filters and see if that helps but it's looking more and more like the UX2 itself has a fault and may need replacing.

Thanks for your help though.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by venom166 on 2012-01-07 14:31:55.7530

I took my usb cable from my "Line 6 Hd500" (which has filter) and connected to UX1. Today I have no problems with sound. It's interesting that there were no problems on WinXP. Propably UX1\2 devices have some driver malfunctions on Win7. I guess...


Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by P0lyg0nW1nd0w on 2012-01-08 03:12:33.2030

I'm having trouble finding anywhere that sells a normal size A to B USB cable with a ferrite filter, they all seem to be the mini cables that you find for use with digital cameras.

The strange thing is, I don't understand why my friend's KB37 would work with the same cable I use for my UX2 and that doesn't have a filter on it.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by Line6Don on 2012-01-17 09:12:58.0750

As you may know, almost every personal computer is a unique hardware and software environment. If one or more variables, including a given device driver, in the system don’t interact well with the rest of the system, the result can be undesired performance. Thus, we have provided a USB Audio Issues FAQ that describes what configuration variables numerous users have identified as the root cause of their audio issues:

You might be able to try your UX2 on another computer running similar tasks, to see how it performs. If it performs well then these drop outs could be something related to your current computer hardware/software configuration. You mentioned that this worked great for years, and only had this problem for the past 12 months or so. Was there a major change/update to your computer system either software or hardware around the time you started having this problem?

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by Line6Hugo on 2012-01-17 09:14:26.7070

This is a good indicator that there may be a hardware problem with your UX2.  You should probably test your UX2 on your friend's computer to complete the isolation testing.  This will tell you if there is a problem with that hardware, and if there is, it would need to be replaced.



Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by BojanKerkez on 2012-01-19 14:52:06.6110

I'm experiencing the same problem as the original poster with my month old UX2, though far less frequently. Sometimes it happens once a day, sometimes twice, but sometimes it can go on for days without it happening. What leads me to believe it is not a hardware issue, but a software one, is that at the same time applications that are using ASIO drivers are not affected. I can still get the sound out from both Reason and Ableton Live while nothing else on the system works. I can only hope this annoying problem wil get resolved with new drivers (I'm currently using the latest ones, on 64-bit Windows 7), cause it certainly seems like a driver issue.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by dal007 on 2012-12-25 02:14:52.5330

Hello there P0lyg0nW1nd0w

I have exactly the same sound issues that you have listed here in this post. Did you manage to sort it out eventually?



: )

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by P0lyg0nW1nd0w on 2012-12-26 05:57:20.8350

Hi Dal,

Sorry, I should've updated this post a long time ago. It turned out that it was a fault with the UX2 as I borrowed a friend's KB37 (the keyboard version of the sound card) and tried that on my PC and it worked fine but as soon as I plugged in my old UX2 then the sound problems happened again. I have since bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 sound card and I have no sound issues whatsoever. I'm not suggesting you buy another manufacturer's sound card or that you need to necessarilly replace your own but if you can get hold of another UX2 or similar sound card to test on your computer then at least you'll know if it's a fault with your UX2 or not.

New sound cards/external audio interfaces are relatively inexpensive so it wouldn't be a massive outlay to get a new one depending on what you want.

Hope this helped and you can resolve your sound problems.



Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by pandashakejr on 2013-01-12 15:51:26.8420

This sound really familiar, does it not???

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-12 16:10:33.3090

you can look forever, and you'll find plenty... do you have a problem or just feel like pointing out the obvious...

many of the posts you are pointing out are old... possibly resolved by a telephone call, or a support ticket....

anyway... just stop already... we get it.. people have had problems... point taken... we'll call that a fact....

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by pandashakejr on 2013-01-12 16:20:26.0650

   Then what's the fix, I haven't heard from any of you Moderators on any of these threads offer any advice what-so-ever. These are current threads, I have an issue and opened several tickets with no response. Yeah, a little frustrated, reformatted and reinstalled on 3 machines starting with my UX2, other devices have no issue. If you would like to help by suggesting some fixes, then please do so, but yes, I do have a problem and no one is doing anything about it and informing people that a support ticket is what is needed.

   Now, I see your a Moderator, please post something to help me and all the other you see here that have a very similar issue, or you can just argue if you'd like.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by pandashakejr on 2013-01-12 16:23:08.6080

This one was an old thread, but could have been the same issue, and there might actually be a fix were all missing, but instead he bought a diff. soundcard and is using it instead of fighting with it like we are.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-12 17:15:59.3070

sometimes the fix is on your computer... sometimes you need driver updates...

i would recommend trying a free program called slim drivers (google it) to get your updates... it gets real obscure motherboard/chipset/hard drive and usb drivers that are easily overlooked...

outside of that... you might also try a usb addin card, if you have one or want to spend @15$ picking one up...

sounds silly... but sometimes its just the built in hardware of your computer and that's one way around it...

by the way... we are just users, who know a bit about the product... not moderators, or authorities of any kind...

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by pandashakejr on 2013-01-12 18:31:21.7920

   I actually already used slim drivers, I think it was from an older post by you, and it did find some obscure drivers for my chipset and video that weren't listed otherwise, plus it backs up your original drivers which is the way it should be. I've tried different USB ports(remember this is on three different systems, and it worked on two before, never used it on the third until this.) Up until very recently, I have only used the UX2 for DAW work. I decided to watch a YouTube vid and it crashed all sounds. The UX2 would hang and only the two small red lights would blink back and forth. I had to force shutdown and was back to normal.

   I can have a 16 hour recording session and am crazy impressed at the huge projects that I monitor through the UX2 without latency worries, but as soon as I watch a video on a site like YouTube, it crashes hard. I assume this has been like this for a long time, but I never noticed it as it was only used in Sonar 8.5/x1/x2/x2a and Presonus Studio One 2. I'm not saying I'm an expert, but I have been using PCI, USB, and Firewire interfaces for a great many of years and feel pretty confident in setting up a Windows based system for streamline recording. I have disabled any necessary devices, used MS hotfix, used a PCI USB adapter with a TI chipset(not a hub), have tried different cables, disabled any kind of speed stepping or usb sleep modes, reinstalled OS's on my laptop(i7 8gig Win7 x64), my girlfriends laptop(i3 4gig win7 x64) and my daughters desktop(i7 8gig win 8) and the problem is there after watching a Youtube or like video, even before any MS updates, to rule them out. I tried Youtube in different browsers and everything, but no dice so far. There is tons more I am probably forgetting right at the moment, but again I am open to any suggestions, thanks. I will probably post more later as I'm in the middle of still working on this, thanks again.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by P0lyg0nW1nd0w on 2013-01-13 02:02:00.4760

"you can look forever, and you'll find plenty... do you have a problem or just feel like pointing out the obvious...

many of the posts you are pointing out are old... possibly resolved by a telephone call, or a support ticket....

anyway... just stop already... we get it.. people have had problems... point taken... we'll call that a fact...."

I don't want to get in the middle of an arguement (particularly seeing as my problem has been resolved now) but this message you posted TheRealZap isn't at all helpful and seems unnecesarilly antagonistic. If a user has a problem with a product and has tried several suggested fixes, none of which have worked, then I don't think it's unfair of that person to continue looking for an answer, even if that means replying to other threads that have already been resolved. You seem to be annoyed by someone who has a genuine problem and suggest they should just shut up and stop moaning about it or that they are intentionally just complaining about something for the sake of complaining.

Yes there are many variables as to why the UX2 could not work correctly, some of which may have nothing to do with the product and rather a driver or other hardware issue on the user's computer but I don't see why you seem so put-out to help them.

As far as your issue goes apc3, if you are using the UX2 with a laptop then why not take your laptop to your local music shop (particularly one that sells the UX2 already) and ask if you can test your laptop with one of their products to see if you get the same issue? I know this might be  rather inconvenient but at least then you'll know if it's a fault with the UX2 or your computer because if you get a new UX2 to work fine and have no problems with audio dropping out but the problem still occurs with your own UX2 then that for me would be proof that there is a fault with the UX2.

As you mentioned, I got sick of trying to resolve the problem on my own and no-one from Line 6 or on other music-tech-related websites were able to help me (indeed, as on here some people seemed to get sick of me bringing the issue upand as they couldn't find a fix, just tried to blame me or my computer) and so after about a year of searching I decided to get a new sound card. Luckily for me, a friend had the KB37 so I could test his on my computer and have no problems with it leading me to the conclusion that there was a fault with the UX2 itself. I then bought a completely different sound card and have had no problems whatsoever, this isn't to say that if I got a new UX2 that that would have the same problem, I was just ready for a change.

So to end a long post, there's noting wrong with people trying to get help and if that means they will dig up old threads then so be it, if you get annoyed by this then don't post a reply, no-one's making you reply to people's posts.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-13 08:10:31.4680

my point was that he should have created a post with the details of his problem and we could have tried to address that....

rather than pointing out other threads showing that others have had problems... which isn't helpful either....

nothing wrong with trying to get help...

but there has to be meat on the bones, before you can make a roast out of it.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-13 08:11:38.8950

have you tried going to adobe, and getting their official flash uninstaller?

i've used this, and then reinstalled the latest for similar issues...

the uninstaller kind of cleans up remnants of old versions which could be causing your youtube issue.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by P0lyg0nW1nd0w on 2013-01-13 09:08:57.5010

Sorry Zap, this wasn't really made clear in your post that I quoted but I understand the point your making. I think perhaps by highlighting that other people have had similar issues it gives the poster a sense that he isn't alone and not making things up. Of course if he hadn't mentioned other threads then there's always the opposite that can happen and he could be accused of not bothering to look for other threads that had been posted about the problem.

I think in the restrictions of a forum post it's always easy to misread something someone posts or to not understand the context. I appreciate you are genuinely trying to help so sorry for the confusion.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by pandashakejr on 2013-01-13 11:51:45.3440

   I'm pretty sure reinstalling on 3 separate machines rid of any flash remnants. No store around me will allow me to use a UX2 or the like, even in their store without purchasing, and want a 15% restocking fee because it's considered software too. I do however have a TonePort UX1 that is old, but does the exact same thing and works well besides this video issue. All three computers have different graphic cards and are up to date with all drivers. When I reinstalled the computers, I started with the UX2 and tested a YouTube video before and after every single thing was installed on the computer, this means I tested it, installed a driver, tested it, then uninstalled the Line 6 driver, installed another computer driver, tested it, and so on, this took almost 3 days to do and have still not found a single fix. I really doubt the TP UX1 and the PS UX2 are both defective. I will try Adobes uninstaller later today on all of the computers, thanks for the suggestion.

Re: UX2 Sound Stops Working Randomly
by slammer88 on 2013-02-19 05:38:25.1360

I've opened a ticket to technical service, but even they dont know what to do against this issue. So, its best to sell our Line 6 equipment asap..

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