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Grouping and parallel compression
by M-Jay on 2012-12-05 05:44:25.1480

Hello members,

first of all I want to thank you for all the questions and answers the community and Line6 support gives us to think about.

Following situation is about to discuss:

I have built a background vocals group consisting of 3 to 5 mic inputs with unnoticable or no compression on it.

I want this group to stay clean without group compression, so if there would be the possibility to compress the whole group at this point I would turn it off.

I want to group these background mics (in parallel) to another group where I am able to compress the group signal light or heavy to my taste.

Now my question:Can I mix my compressed group to the level of choice in the output parallel to the uncompressed background vocals?

Re: Grouping and parallel compression
by line6jonb on 2012-12-11 16:25:31.5220


This would require the use of a monitor send patched back into an input of the M20d.  In this case you would create your group consisting of the 3-5 background vocals and send that group to Monitor Send D.  ONLY that group should be assigned to Monitor Send D.  Then connect a cable from Monitor Send D to an open mic/XLR input or a Line input.  Make sure you have your Monitor Send level up - by the way this is another gain stage that allows control of your parallel input coming back.  Now that group of background vocals is coming back in input 12 or 14 etc.  And that signal can be compressed separately and in parallel to the individual background vocals that you have grouped together.

I hope this is helpful.  I have not attempted this in live settings and it *may* be more suceptable to feedback. 

Jon B

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