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Buttons not working.
by freakid on 2013-02-26 19:26:55.1550

Bought the Live model used.

-A, B and D patch buttons don't work.

-Delay button needs to be pressed REALLY hard to toggle.
- Mod and Tone 2 buttons work soemtimes.

Side problems includes that it turns off randomly and that it seems that I can't really get a nice tone. It always sounds warbly, fuzzy and clipped, even with clean tones.

The owner told me he tried to "fix it" so he may have ruined some circuitry.

I'm in the outlaw republic of Mexico so Customer support isn't really a viable option.

I REALLY hope I can get this fixed. I have been considering buying other ME unit because of the lack of funcionality in this one.

Thanks in advancement!!

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