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Difference bettween Pod Pro and Pod XT Pro?
by connor4695 on 2013-03-08 09:59:41.4100

I am setting up a rack setup. I cannot afford the Pod HD Pro so I have been looking at the Pod Pro and the Pod XT Pro. What are the main differrences between the two devices? Can I get the same tones out of each? I am trying to a get a metal/hardcore tone out of it.

Re: Difference bettween Pod Pro and Pod XT Pro?
by Mr_Arkadin on 2013-03-08 11:32:15.7180

Personally I would forget the POD Pro. I always thought the POD 2.0/Pro sound was a little distant - not good for upfront metal.

So I would say your choices second-hand are either a POD XT Pro with Metal Shop expansion or the POD X3 Pro (which includes the Metal Shop as standard). The XT/X3 share the same basic sound engine - the 2.0/Pro is older.

If you decide to get the POD XT Pro with Metal Shop already installed make sure the owner can 'gift' the Metal Shop from his account to your account. Otherwise it is tied to his account and the firt time you use Monkey to update or reflash it will look at your account, see no Metal Shop and delete the use of it from your POD XT Pro! Of course if you never run the License Manager or Monkey the expansion pack will remain unaffected.

So just see which works out more cost-effective. The XT is 2U and the X3 is 3U which may also be a factor.

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