What is an editor/librarian?

An editor/librarian is software that allows a user to organize and edit the presets within compatible Line 6 products. Find and then download the editor/librarian that’s right for you.

What is Vyzex software?

Vyzex is the tone editor/librarian software for Pocket POD and Floor POD Plus. It lets you use your computer to create, change and manage all the tones in your tone library. Plus, it lets you share and download tones from CustomTone.

Will Line 6 Edit translate tones between products?

Yes! Different products have different model sets so sometimes model substitutions, or translations, may be necessary.

Can I use CustomTone with my POD Studio™ or TonePort® interface?

Yes! POD Studio and TonePort users can translate their POD Studio or GearBox tones through Line 6 Edit and then upload them to CustomeTone, or submit via (See the Line 6 hardware/software compatibility chart.)

Can I share Variax® Workbench™ files on CustomTone?

No, CustomTone does not support files created with Line 6 Variax Workbench software.

Which products must connect via MIDI to use Line 6 Edit and CustomTone?

Vetta II, HD147, Flextone II & III, POD 2.0 and POD Pro must connect via MIDI to use Line 6 Edit and CustomTone. (See your Line 6 Pilot’s Handbook for more info.)

Which products can connect via USB to use Line 6 Edit and CustomTone?

POD X3, POD X3 Live, POD X3 Pro, PODxt, PODxt Live, PODxt Pro, Bass PODxt, Bass PODxt Live and Bass PODxt Pro must connect via USB to use Line 6 Edit and CustomTone. (See your Line 6 Pilot’s Handbook for more info.)

How can I get the sound of a specific artist?

Here are a few ways you can try

  • You can look for an artist-style Line 6 tone on and install it on your hardware using the appropriate Line 6 editing software. (See the Line 6 hardware/software compatibility chart.)
  • You can find a similar-sounding patch in your Line 6 gear and then make necessary tweaks. (See your Line 6 Pilot’s Handbook for more info.)
  • If you want to create an artist-inspired tone “from scratch,” start by researching the guitar setup you are trying to emulate. Web sites, such as and, list the rigs of many well-known guitarists. Guitar and recording magazines often print accurate diagrams and layouts (sometimes with the actual microphones used and distance from the cabinet).

Finding the following information will help you create an artist tone from scratch:

  • Amplifier, speaker and cabinet. Generally speaking, open-back guitar cabinets (such as a 2x12 cabinet found on many Fender® and Vox® amplifiers) will have less low-end response than a closed-back cabinet (such as a 4x12 closed-back cabinet used with many Marshall® and Mesa/Boogie® amplifiers)
  • Guitar (make/model) and pickup type. Alder or Ash bodies (commonly found on many Fender® guitars) sound different than mahogany bodies with maple tops (commonly found on many Gibson® guitars). Single-coil pickups (often used for bright/clean tones) sound different than humbuckers (which sound darker than single-coil pickups but not as noisy when used for higher gain tones)
  • Pedals, effects and signal-chain placement. Effects can drastically change a guitar tone so you should know what effects were used and where they were placed (between the instrument and amplifier, or after the amplifier).
  • Microphone type and placement. If possible, find out the kind of microphone used to record the tone and its angle and distance from the speaker. All of these play a significant role in changing the sound.

Where can I find more CustomTone info?

Plenty of information is available in the Line 6 Community and in the Line 6 User Forums. Discuss tones, share songs and more with other CustomTone users!

How do I find tones created by a specific user?

All you need to do is put in the url

* Fender in a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Vox is a registered trademark of Vox R&D Limited. Marshall is a registered trademark of Marshall Amplification Plc. Mesa/Boogie and Rectifier are registered trademarks if Mesa/Boogie Ltd. Gibson is a registered trademark of Gibson Guitar Corp.

Which products must connect via MIDI to use Line 6 Edit and CustomTone?

Add this to the end of the text inside the parentheses:  For more information on MIDI, see our Knowledge Base article “MIDI: Functionality, Control, and Connectivity...