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TONE NAME: Sunn+ HXSt 23

  • Created with: Helix LT
  • Author:
  • Song:
    YouTune examples of it used LIVE
  • Band:
  • Date: 5/9/23
  • Downloads: 1104
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    Attention POD 2.0, Flextone and HD147 owners... Your hardware doesn't do Stomp effects, so you'll hear something different than what was intended. Try increasing the Drive or choose a higher gain Amp Model to get the right sound. The other aspects of the sound should translate as expected, so you'll at least get a great starting place for tweaking.

  • Comments:
    I decide on a different Tact this time around. I usually upload full-up Helix Floor/LT presets, as that's how I gig live, however, I realize that the majority of folks here switch out the FX that I use for their own, adding or deleting or tweaking to fit their own situation. So when I built this preset and tried it at a couple of gigs, I knew this one would work for a LOT of different folks and situations. It's one of the most "amp like" gigging presets I've ever tried. Even my bandmates were astonished how it sounded so much like a real tube amp with pedals. So I stripped all the FX out that I have for specific tunes (Chorus, Tremolo, Auto-Swell, Whammy, Volume pedal (for lead boosts) etc, and keep just the Amp, Cab, Drive Pedals and a Reverb and Delay(s). Everything you would need to start your own, more elaborate preset, or, as you'll see... paste this into your HX Stomp, and you still have room for several additional blocks! The Preset starts with "Moo)))n Brt" (Sunn Model T) amp. it is dialed in for a wonderful "edge-of-breakup" if using humbuckers and lush clean if using singles. My go-to combination of Dual Cabs is the Match H30 and Match G25, one with a dynamic mic and one with a ribbon. This combination seems to work best for me to optimize both the cleans and the drives in a preset. In front of the Amp, I have two drive pedals. first the Heir Apparent for a NON-MID-HUMPED nice grind (for those of us who do NOT prefer those humpy green or gold pedals!), and the Pillars Drive (Plumes). This pedal seems to work PERFECTLY with this amp. Especially stacked with the Heir Apparent. So back off your guitar volume for a nice lush clean, full up volume for pushed clean/edge of breakup, add the Heir apparent for some grind - a great Classic Rock rhythm tone (or even back off your volume here, too, and get some nice blues tones!), then throw in the Pillars when you need HUGE sounding stadium rock Overdrive-bordering-on-distortion. Seems to work well in all pickup positions, sounds like a big amp with the heart of a small combo, and captures late 60s - early 90s stuff nicely. Here are a few clips of this preset in action just last weekend: Mostly the Cleans, but some of the HA drive with volume backed off: Mostly driven, but some cleans sprinkled throughout: All Clean (you'll hear a tremolo at the beginning - not included in this version, but easy to add): All cleans (also with tremolo on 2nd verse/chorus): Full-On Rock n Roll drive: All these were recorded at a live performance using a ZoomQ2n Recorder. No Post-processing at all. Just raw gig audio. Also, my rig goes DIRECT to PA. No speakers on stage, just a wedge monitor with full band mix in it.

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