All editors can be downloaded for free at

Each of the following products uses its own editor:

  • POD HD
  • POD HD Pro
  • POD HD Pro X
  • POD HD300
  • POD HD400
  • POD HD500
  • POD HD500X
  • Spider IV (requires FBV MKII Express or MKII Shortboard for USB connection)
  • Spider Valve MKII

Use the latest version of POD Farm 2 with POD Studio/TonePort products.

Use Gearbox 3.72 with the POD X3 family of products.

Use the Vyzex editor for Pocket POD and Floor POD Plus (each has its own version).

Use Line 6 Edit 3.0 with the following Line 6 products:

  • POD® xt, POD® xt Pro, POD® xt Live
  • Bass POD® xt, Bass POD® xt Pro, Bass POD® xt Live
  • Vetta™ II
  • Flextone™ II/III, HD147®
  • POD® 2.0, POD® Pro

NOTE: Both the Windows® and Mac® OS X versions of Line 6 Edit rely on Java Runtime Environment software.


If you experience Java-related problems, please use the Add/Remove Programs control panel in Windows to completely remove Java, then run the Line 6 Edit installer while connected to the Internet and the installer will download and install Java for you.

Mac OS X

Java is a standard part of your operating system. Please use your Mac’s Software Update feature to be sure your Java version is up to date.